The “osteria” Ai Assassini is a typical Venetian “bacaro” meaning an informal restaurant or wine bar where locals and tourist meet to have lunch and dine and also savour Italian wines as well as imported beer.
The restaurant has a young atmosphere even though it has preserved its traditional style and atmosphere.
At lunch time one finds a regular local clientele of professionals who work in the nearby city hall, courts, and the Fenice opera house. While for dinner it is a mix clientele of locals and tourists who can enjoy the characteristic ambience and cuisine of Venice, always of the highest quality and served with care for all the details.
Ai Assassini distinguishes itself by changing menu daily in order to explore the different gastronomic specialities of the city and combine them with the appropriate wines and side dishes:

Monday - Selection of white meats, (rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pheasant …) prepared according to the classical Venetian recipes and also delicious soups of every kind.
Tuesday - Stewed or braised meats, (“spezzatino” stewed meat in a fresh tomato sauce, “brassato” braised meat in a red wine sauce, tripe, and liver done in the Venetian fashion ….)
Wednesday – “Bollito misto e salse” boiled meats with selection of sauces and for starters fresh bean soup with radicchio of Treviso.
Thursday – 5 different kinds of “baccalà”, cod fish, with polenta.
Friday and Saturday – Traditional fish and seafood plates.
Sunday – Closed.

Of course everyday one can also find a vast selection of pasta dishes, vegetables, and cheeses.


The restaurant located in the heart of Venice, in between the San Marco, Rialto and Accademia areas.
Very near the Fenice opera house in Rio Terra’ degli Assassini street, the parallel street of Calle della Mandola which connects Campo Sant’Angelo to Campo San Luca.




L’Oste, meaning owner but coming from the word host which better describes him, is also a lover of the “voga alla veneta”, Venetian style of rowing with one oar like the gondoliers.
In France, in the beautiful lagoon of Camargue, he founded a rowing club which is named after his restaurant, “Montpellier Assassini Club